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Clearing banks can act for other banks, so looking up a bank by sort code in this list does not always mean the account is actually handled by that bank, e.

CATER ALLEN LTD Banks CATER ALLEN LTD – Sort Codes & SWIFT Codes across all Banks in UK

Thank you for being willing to donate!. which will then transfer it to Cater Allen Private Bank, therefore, you must quote the following: Cater Allen Private Bank Account No: 53594563 Sort Code: 16-57-10 Account Name: Evangelical Lutheran Church of England. Transfers from the EU (in Euro) Transaction must be routed through: Royal Bank.

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The sort code for CATER ALLEN LTD is a six-digit number, which is formatted as three pairs of numbers, i.e. 23-34-45. Sort code identifies both the bank and the.

Bank Name Sort Code Address; CATER ALLEN LTD: 106005 Equivalent Codes: 10-60-05 10 60 05: CATER ALLEN LTD 30 GRESHAM ST,

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The SORT code 165710 is used to identify the SORT Code of CATER ALLEN LTD participating in online transactions via RTGS, IMPS and NEFT systems. Search By City Search By Bank Advanced Search. SORT Code of CATER ALLEN LTD, London, Cater Allen Private Bank 2. SORT Code: 165710. Bank Branch: Cater Allen Private Bank.

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Unity Trust Bank plc provides specialist banking services to trade unions, charities and other organisations that operate in the not-for-profit sector in the United.

Sort Code Search for Banks in UK/England Sort Code is a unique number given by british and irish banking industry which are used to route money transfers between.

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Sort Codes Search. Quick and easy way to find Sort Code of banks in the United Kingdom / England.

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The SORT code 165172 is used to identify the Bank CATER ALLEN LTD, London In United Kingdom (UK) A.

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Disclaimer: While we strongly endeavour to keep all our information accurate, users must confirm this information with the respective financial institution before.

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Bank Name Sort Code City Address & Info; CATER ALLEN LTD: 106005 Equivalent Codes: 10-60-05 10 60 05: London: CATER ALLEN LTD 30 GRESHAM ST, EC2N 7HT, Phone: (20) 76066064, London England : CATER ALLEN LTD: 165169 Equivalent Codes: 16-51-69 16 51 69: London: CATER ALLEN PRIVATE BANK 4 21 Prescot Street, E1.

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